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Ice Appliance Super Chill - Fast and Efficient Wine Cooler

£125.00 inc. VAT *FREE P&P*

Ice Appliance Super Chill:
Fast and Efficient Wine Cooler

Meet the Little Brother of the Big Chill Fridge - an 8 wine bottle or 23 litre capacity model that uses thermoelectric technology to chill your drinks efficiently and quickly.

Most thermoelectric fridges only chill about 10°C below room temperature, but ours goes right down to 16°C below ambient- more practical in warm kitchens. This fridge will drop the temperature of your wine by a whole ten degrees in less than 30 minutes and by fifteen degrees in under an hour! The SuperChill is the only model in its class that really does chill down to 7°C making it ideal for beers and even sparkling wine. Normal food fridges are too cold at 3~4°C for longer term storage and can damage the taste. Even red wines benefit in the SuperChill because most reds should be served below 19°C, not room temperature (we include a wine temperature guide in the manual).

The fridge weighs under 10kg making it truly portable for use outdoors, in a summerhouse, on a boat, etc. The compact footprint means it takes up little space on your kitchen tabletop, in an office, dining room or for small apartments and student digs. Most models this size only hold 6 bottles but the clever shelf configuration makes maximum use of the space allowing you to store opened bottles upright, including champagne and litre size bottles.

The blue LED display shows the temperature in centigrade adjustable by electronic touch buttons. Another touch button illuminates the soft interior light. The SuperChill has a sleek black exterior with black frame door and tinted double wall glass. Door opens on the left and has a discreet recessed handle.

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At Ice Appliance we guarantee the best possible price, product quality and after sales service for all our customers. If for any reason your Ice Appliance Deluxe stops doing its job within the first 12 months, we’ll fix it or replace it for you completely free of charge (extended warranties or spare parts are also available).

  • The Ice Appliance Super Chill


    Fast and Efficient Wine Cooler

    Ice Appliance Super Chill Wine Chiller
  • The Ice Appliance Super Chill


    Fast and Efficient Wine Cooler

    Ice Appliance Super Chill Wine Cooler
  • The Ice Appliance Super Chill


    Fast and Efficient Wine Cooler

    Ice Appliance Super Chill

Ice Appliance Super Chill spec:

  • Capacity: 23 litres or 8 x 75cl bottles
  • Temp. Control Range: 7~18°C
  • Maximum ambient temp. difference: 16°C
  • Double wall tinted glass
  • Matt black finish
  • Levelling front feet
  • LED display with touch screen buttons
  • Soft interior light
  • Product Size: W25xH45xD52cm
  • Packing size: W32xH52xD57cm
  • Gross/Net weight: 12/9.5kg

£125.00 inc. VAT *FREE P&P*

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